Slaycorp presents – “With Great Power”

WGPSlay1The Cardiff Fantasy Centre is Wales’ oldest independent comic book shop. Presenter, and lifelong comic collector, Gary Slaymaker, discusses his passion for the medium, and his connection to this particular shop; while talking to other customers of the Fantasy Centre, who have turned their love for this art into careers within the global comic industry.

Broadcast on BBC Radio Wales Arts Show August 31st, 2016 @ 18.30 and available on the BBC iPlayer for 28 days afterwards.

The Empire Strikes, Bach – Radio Wales Arts Show – December 16th 6.30pm

Empire Strikes Bach Social Media Pre-TX The Star Wars saga is easily the biggest franchise of all time. December 2015 will see the 7th episode of this huge saga hitting our screens – what is interesting to note is that there are already many connections between the galactic saga and Wales.

Film critic, and die hard Star Wars fan Gary Slaymaker explains his love for cinema’s greatest space opera, and tracks down those who have contributed to this sprawling epic in all kinds of ways – from the Pembroke Dock makers of the Millennium Falcon, to the Llanishen born director of Return of the Jedi.

So while we wait for the new Star Wars in 2015, here’s an opportunity to revel in the fact that without the Welsh, this franchise might have been a little less force-ful…

Listen to the programme now

Siwgwr Lwmp / Sugar Lump

Noson Gomedi low resAn evening of stand-up comedy, with proceeds going to Diabetes UK Cymru. Dan Thomas MC’s Dai Lloyd, Sarah Breeze, Trevor J Williams, and Gary Slaymaker.

Slaymaker’s new show, Sugar-Lump, about how Type 2 Diabetes has affected his life, is being recorded on the night, for a BBC Radio Wales show, to be aired later this year.

Doors 7.30pm for 8. £3 on the door – all proceeds to Diabetes Cymru.

O’r Arswyd

BBC Radio Cymru, Hydref 2013
Mae tŵf mewn poblogrwydd arswyd, fel genre, wedi dechrau amlygu ei hun yng Nghymru yn y blynyddoedd diwetha. Fe fuodd yr adolygwr, a ffan arswyd, Gary Slaymaker, yn holi bobol sydd wedi bod yn flaenllaw o fewn y maes yng Nghymru, a thu hwnt; gan gynnwys awduron fel Dyfed Edwards a Jon Gower, y cynhyrchydd ffilm Dewi Griffiths; ac un o drefnwyr gwyl ffilm arswyd Abertoir, Nia Edwards-Behi.

My Dad and me, and Zulus…

…thousands of them!


BBC Radio Wales Arts Show, June 2014
A celebration of the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest Welsh films ever made, as well as one of the greatest war films ever made. A personal essay by reviewer, Gary Slaymaker, which salutes the film, while also acting as a tribute to his late father; as Zulu was the first ever film that Gary and his dad saw together in  a cinema.


abertoir-poster-2013Welsh Horror – A New Dawn – BBC Radio Wales Arts Show, November 2013
Horror has been popular as a genre in literature, film and television for many years, but more recently, there has been a growing fascination with the genre among artists based in Wales. Reviewer and horror fan, Gary Slaymaker, takes a look at this burgeoning interest, specifically in terms of two specialist events held annually in the country – the Abertoir horror film festival in Aberystwyth, and the Scardiff horror expo held in Cardiff.